Our Mission

Following the example of German Craftmanship and Victorian Engineering Skill, we aim to provide services to a High Quality Standard for an Affordable Price without minimum order size.

We cater Indiscriminately to ALL Social Groups and Lifestyle Cultures WITHOUT imposing Censorship or Judgement upon our Customer's Background, Values and Opinions.

We promote Local Business and Local Employment for a Healthy Economy and a better future for the Next Generation..

Why Print to Provoke?

We strongly believe in Freedom of Speach, Freedom of Opinion, Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Information. Only through Freedom in these things are Progress and Change possible and only through the Freedom to express one's own Opinions and Personality can such Change and Progress be positive.

We Provoke Change, Thought and Progress by providing our Customers with the opportunity to wear, signpost or otherwise express their Opinions and Personalities on Personalised Items.


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