Apr, 16 2012,
New process, soon to be come.

We have decided to add a cutting plotter for foil and fleck printing as a cost-effective alternative to our range of Garment printing methods. Once the initial bugs have been worked out and we are happy to have enough skill and experience on the new equipment and software, this method will be added to our standart range of services. This should not take long and we are willing to already accept orders, providing they allow for a longer time frame for completion.

Apr, 09 2012,
Wyke Down Custom Car Show

We are sure we don’t need to say much about the weather this Easter Monday. It was windy enough to turn our umbrellas into kite gliders and at the end of the day, the only Exhibitioners laughing were the owners of a WWII amphibian VW. Despite the wash-out, the day was not too bad. There was plenty of interest and, prepared as we were, we sold a few unprinted umbrellas and custom printed Kitchen Tiles.

Apr, 01 2012,
No April Fool's Joke

On this 1st of April, we had the pleasure to show off our services at a private BDSM event in the south of Hampshire. In order not to cause the venue owner any problems, we will refrain from naming the venue. We were very well received and had a lot of fun while gaining much interest for our Canvas and T-Shirt prints. Also our new ChromaLux metal photos caught the imagination of several of the guests.

Feb, 24 2012,
Or First Show in 2012.

For our first exhibition in 2012, we had the honour to have been invited to set up our display stand at the Quiz Night at Keystone Hall in Andover. This was also the first time we used our new and space saving back panels. What seemed to especially have caught the eye of the attending visitors were our custom printed tiles and photo quality door-length posters.

Feb, 09 2012,
Our Winter and New Year so far.

We apologise for having neglected the blog section of our WebSite for so long. I was not feeling well and was not up to focussing as much on the web page as I should have. Not much was missed though, since the winter was very quiet, in part due to the economic crisis the country is struggling with.

In October of last year we attended the Danebury Grass Racing Club Meeting. Despite the cold and windy weather there were quite a few people there, somewhere about 300 - 400 visitors. From our stand’s position we had a good view of the race and the fly-pasts of the air ambulance, which was benefited with charity event of this meeting.

One of our biggest orders was in November, a complete set of T-Shirts and Hoodie Sweaters with logo and player names for the Netball team of the Tidworth REME. It was great fun working with them, although the sweaters were a bit of a challenge since they only barely fitted under our Direct-to-Garment printer.
Another November order we are proud of was a set of canvas print copies of photos which brought tears to the customer’s eyes, since the portraits were of his late wife and the prints were, in the words of the customer, very life like.
A challenging and interesting order was in December for eight Tiles that had to be printed as a replacement to match old kitchen tiles. It took a while to match the background colour to the original tiles, but we managed in the end and the customer was very pleased with the prints.

For the upcoming months, we already are planning to attend several events, amongst them the Easter Monday Custom Car Show at the Wyke Down Inn in Picket Twenty and the Andover Radio Hams at Wildhern. We hope to be at two private events, one at a charity event in a Masonic hall and a private Fetish Party. For the private events we still await confirmation from the organisers.
If you are at any of the events we attend, you can find us easily by the A1 sized picture of a medieval Lady with Dragon Cub, which we always have with us on an easel.
If you would like our display stand at your events, just e-Mail us the information to info@printtoprovoke.co.uk

More changes to the WebSite will come as we gain more experience and confidence with web designs. The changes will include a change in the appearance of our Catalogue section and adding the full range of our present product range.

We wish everybody a belated Happy New Year and a glorious 2012.
For those who fear the “End of the World” rumours for December this year, remember, it is only, with the undying words of REM, “the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine”. So, really, the same as every other day in this ever-changing world.
Should however, against all odds, really the world end, remember: Panic won’t help anybody, Looting is pointless, Rioting won’t solve anything and Franticly trying to prevent it…well…good luck with that.
Just do the same we of Print to Provoke would do. Grab a front row seat with good view and enjoy the ride.
Have fun
Be provocative
Be yourself
And have a great 2012.

Sept, 30 2011,
New Website for Print to Provoke

As of today, we have a new Website to represent our Company on the Internet.
The Changes have been implemented after comments of Customers finding difficulties with the Virtual Shopping Basket function of our old Website. On this Site, we have decided not to have a Virtual Shopping Basket and instead leave the Website as a simple Catalogue.
This has proven prudent since most of our items and prices are bespoke. This means that there are too many option that can be fitted into any orderform and still make sense.

We, the staff of Print to Provoke, hope you like our new Image on the web and welcome any Comments and Suggestions.

Copyright Print to Provoke Ltd. 2011